Month: November 2020

Montessori Geography continents 3 part cards

Montessori Continents free printable,DIY craft and painting

Importance of Geography: To study the life of man. How our planet formed and what are the other planets, what are the different landforms ,how culture is developed ,these are all come in geography studies. Hope this is important for our children to learn, isn’t it? Montessori geography: We have studied continents this week. #First […] Read more…

festival, celebration, diwali

Mindful Deepawali activities:

Deepawali, this word brings us joy and happiness in all of our faces. This year it’s going to be a bit different Diwali, social distancing Diwali. Storytelling: childhood memories Let us discuss about Deepawali with our kids. We can share our childhood memories to our kids. Make a storytelling time and cherish your memories. For […] Read more…