Gratitude means being thankful, appreciating and returning kindness. Gratitude is important now a days, in the modern digital world. Its a great quality. How to inculcate this great behavior to our kids.

It should be a regular practice, so, I thought, year end is the perfect time to introduce this as a routine practice, which drive to mindset.

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Benefits of gratefulness:

Grateful childrens are more happier.

They are more engaged with their work.

Builds resilience in kids.

Greater satisfaction and less jealous.

Grateful children make good decisions.

They are happy with what they have, enjoying their present.

It improves relationships.

How to practice Gratitude among kids?

  1. Being a role model, say thank you wherever, if there is a need. For example, if we are going to a restaurant , security opens the door,say thank you to him. If your kid helped you by lifting any object, say thank you to them. I assure you this will make your kids being grateful, (Practical experience).
  2. Choose any time,may be night time, make it as a ritual for what are all they are thankful.
  3. Donating their books, or a lunch to the needy, make them kind.
  4. Ask them to appreciate everything and you, as a parent appreciate everything what you have.
  5. Tell to your kids that, we are so thankful to God, for giving you as a child to us.
  6. Less is more. if they have less toys, they will appreciate what they have.

How to teach continents to kids,check out my post here

Gratitude activities for kids:

Thankyou leaf:

2020 going to be over, so year-end I the best choice to introduce gratitude for your kids. So, I draw a gratitude leaf

Yes we started practicing, today. Along with my kid, I too write for what are all am grateful.

Thank you leaf to raise grateful kid
Thank you leaf to cultivate gratitude to kids

Thank you jar:

Then I draw a watercolor jar, ask him to draw for what are all he is thankful.

Thank you jar to raise happy kids

You can download these printable down.


Ask your kids to write or draw in any note or daily, about whom they wanna thank, why they should thank, how much kind today they were, whether they appreciate anyone today? Journaling improves their mindset.

Thank you notes:

In a piece of paper, ask them to write thank you note to anyone in the family or friends.


Daily prayer to God for thanking him, for their life make them grateful kid. ritual becomes habit.

Hope these practical activities make your kids grateful.

Click here to download hand-drawn watercolor leaf and jar printable

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