Deepawali, this word brings us joy and happiness in all of our faces. This year it’s going to be a bit different Diwali, social distancing Diwali.

Storytelling: childhood memories

Let us discuss about Deepawali with our kids. We can share our childhood memories to our kids. Make a storytelling time and cherish your memories. For example, I explained about my childhood Deepawali days to my kid.

Before Deepawali, we will keep marudhani in hands. We will get up and take oil bath before sunrise and pray by offering different sweets and snacks to God. Snacks and sweets were prepared by grandma and her friends. Snacks and sweets, will be shared by relatives and friends. We will go to everyone house and share.We kids, our neighbours and friends used to burst crackers 3 days before Deepawali.

Deepawali evening will be a special evening,where the sky glows by fireworks. Without watching television (no mobiles that time), I just spend the whole day with friends and family. It will be a awesome memories. I signify the importance of festival with family and friends, without giving much importance to tv and mobile.

Cultural storytelling:

Next as a momma or daddy, we can brief the reason of why Deepawali is celebrated? That will make to introduce to our culture. Tell lot of stories. I have mini story cards in my printable, put as a display. Talk lot about them. Share different traditions that is associated with Deepawali.(which is available in my printable)In India, each state celebrate Diwali in a unique way. Introduce that.

Importance of storytelling:

Improve listening skills

Improves concentration

creativity increases

Time spent will be in a productive manner.

Mindful Deepawali Activities for kids:

*As a Montessori mom, I never approach worksheet type activities. Rather focus your kid to make book and draw the stories heard or if she/he a older kid, tell them to write, if they are interested.

  • * Coloring activities can be given( download my printable)
  • * Do a lot of craftworks, if your kids are interested.
  • *kids friendly recipes can be done along with your kid. ( you can see in my printable)
  • *Ask them to clean the house along with you.
    * Flashcards available in printable, which you can download below, can be used as 3 part Montessori cards or memory cards and enjoy.
  • * Teach shlokas and recite with them( you can find shlokas in the printable)
  • * Burst crackers and fireworks and have a safe Deepawali.

Below you can find Deepawali printables, which are hand-painted by me to give the real essence of Diwali to my kid. so I thought to share this printable with you, momma. so get printable and have a happy and safe Deepawali.

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Check out the Deepawali printables here.

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