Nowadays our kids are watching mobile/ tv/ iPad longtime. Some kids are over addicted so that they always use mobiles wherever they go, sometimes even in toilets. This post is about how to avoid screen time mindfully or to have healthy screentime for your kids.

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kids screentime

Average screentime for kids:

Screentime is the time of watching mobile/TV/iPad. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there should be no screentime for kids under 2. This is the recommended screentime kids from 2-5, a maximum of 1 hour. From 8-18 years, it can be 2 hours to the max.

Effects of prolonged screentime on kids:

Prolonged Screentime has lot of negative effects

If the mobile/ TV/ iPad is in front of them, or it is triggering them or influencing them, they shouldn’t use the screens. They shouldn’t even mind it.

Types of screentime:

1. Triggered screentime
2. Partly addicted to screentime
3. Fulltime addiction
4 Preteen and teenager screentime addiction

Triggered screentime:

Many may not show any screen to their infants or preschoolers. But they may get influenced by either of their friends, neighbors, and family members. So how to control for them?

* Tell the consequences of watching mobile or any screens
* Weave a story around it
* Set time limit for watching, if they get influenced and started tantrums.

Partly addiction:

Some children are partly addicted, that is they might get ask screen only while eating. so how to avoid or control that part-time addiction.

* Clearly set your limit i.e. it’s eating time, so screens are not allowed in the dining area
* Ask them to eat along with family
* Talk about foods while eating.

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Full time addiction:

This is for kids who got addicted more. while before sleeping, wherever they go,they will watch screen. So to these type of kids,how to control the screentime

screentime for kids
* Give sleep talk therapy
*Connect the mobile through wifi, so that you can off and say no signal.
* Parents should be role model so that they will be in control.
* Weave a story of consequences of using screentime
* Engage them in activities and ask them to do household works
* Read a lot of storybooks.
* Set a routine and make them busy always

Preteen and Teenager addiction:

Many preteens and teenagers are playing games or doing videos out of mobiles / IPad. If they are over addicted, take them to a doctor. Follow these tips.

* Engage them in various extracurricular activities based on their interests
* Play family games like board games
* Give them a variety of opportunities to read various books
* Go for a family outing

To sum it up, too much of anything leads to poison. So, have control over kids’ screentime. Follow the above tips and they will avoid mobile or screen gradually.

This is a very nice storybook to explain the negative effects of mobile

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