Nature always amazes us, Right? From nature, we can learn a lot of things. Personally, to me, nature Journaling made a change in me. I feel relaxed and it’s a kind of meditation. So I thought to pass on this to my kid. Let me discuss how we started nature journaling with my kid and share some simple tips for you to start.

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What is Nature Journaling?

Nature journaling is observing nature and notes the observations through words and drawing. You can observe plants in your garden and journal about them. Or you can observe the birds which visit your backyard and make notice in your journal. You can notice and observe anything about nature.

How to create interest in Nature journal for kids?

First,don’t give a note and pen to your kid.

Create a fun moment and connect them with nature:

For example, come on child, let us go out for walking, or let’s chill out. Then say to the kids” see, how birds fly beautifully, and did you notice the color of the bird. Wow, how the insect moves in the mud”.

Nature homeschool

Be a Role model:

As a parent be a role model for them. Just observe any plant or tree while going for walk. As discussed above, have a conversation with them about what you noticed. After you return home, note down your observations and discussions in the note with words and drawings.

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Ask them to help:

While you are drawing about your observation ask them for help to color it or ask them to draw it. So that they can recall and draw. Ask a doubt to them, about its nature of appearance or color or texture. If you both cant find the answer. find through valid resources. This will create interest among kids and curiously they will notice next time.

Collect natural things:

Collect natural things while you both are going out. Play with your child outside, for example, catch the falling leaves or flowers and collect them. Dig with fallen twigs in the ground and collect the materials along with the twig. Collect some rocks. Observe the collected materials in the home and parents get noted in your journal book. Ask your kids, whether he/she also interested in making a journal and if they said yes, make a journal.

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DIY activity:

nature Journaling

Use the collected material and make some DIY things and preserve the DIY’s in their journal. For example, like pressing the flower in the book. Painting the rocks.

Shadow Tracing:

Ask your kid to shadow trace the flower or plant 🌿 and track the direction of sun. So its like a experiment and they will gradually observe other things also and start journaling.


Some kids are interested towards making photograph and create memory of everything. So ask the kids to take photo of what they are noticing or changes of observation and paste the picture in their journal note.

Finally be patient, and, their interest towards nature Journaling develops. Dont force kids, rather be a role model. Follow the above steps and create interest towards nature Journaling.

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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