It is important for children’s to learn time ,day, date and week.


The prerequisite for learning days and months are difference between day and night. Discuss to preschoolers about day and night. Activities performed in day and night we will sleep like that. Next teach about Yesterday , today, tomorrow.

Teaching based on activities:

  1. Relate the days with their everyday activity. for example, Papa’s office will start on Monday. Sunday leave for Mama/ Papa.
  2. Months can be related through their birthdays, festival days.
  3. Rhymes can be taught to teach days and months.
  4. Gross motor games can be used to teach days and months. Roll a dice, for 1, hop, and say the first day of the week.
  5. Display the day, date, and month. Change the date and day every day. Put it in the display area. (Download the printable)
  6. Colour the letters of the week. ( DOWNLOAD THE PRINTABLE)
weekdays printable
days of the week kids printable
months of the week kids display

Download this display here. sign up here. If you have already signed up for the resource library (check your mail for link), put in the password and download the printable.

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