Importance of Geography:

To study the life of man. How our planet formed and what are the other planets, what are the different landforms ,how culture is developed ,these are all come in geography studies. Hope this is important for our children to learn, isn’t it?

Montessori geography:

We have studied continents this week.

#First shown the image of the earth and discussed our planet, where we live and how to save the earth.

#  Next in playdough we made earth like shape.

Montessori culture
Land water air sorting

DIY earth craft:

#Using styrofoam ball, I traced continents and cut the green sticker glitter paper and pasted. I asked my kid to paint the area other than glitter paper with blue. Then after it dried, asked him to sense the glitter paper area and styrofoam area. To sense the difference between land and water.

DIY earth

#Air is sensed by blowing air in the glass bottle, so some fun sounds came.🤣😜

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# Discussed land, water and air. Sorted vehicles based on that.

#Salt painting was done to differentiate land and water.

#Montessori 3 part cards of colour coded continents were used. We relate the continents with known things of that continents.

Montessori continents 3 part cards free printable

#Continents colouring was done.

#Some Continents name was traced by my kid.

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For older kids, you can ask to draw your street, area, city, state, country, continent and earth. Make bookmaking.

Books to read:

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What you will get in this free printable?
# Hand drawn colour coded continents 3 part cards

# Map to colour the continents

# Continents name tracing

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